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Our Story

We're for dogs. And, the people that love them. 

Dogs come share our homes, and copilot the journeys we take. Houndstooth believes that when it comes to dogs and people, we are better together.

To live our best life, together, we need to be healthy and well - physically, emotionally, socially. 

As a pet parent myself, I understand how difficult - and time-consuming - it is to determine what your pet needs, and provide it to them. 

Houndstooth was built to make it easy to give your dog the best life possible. If you live in Birmingham, take advantage of our "PorchPickUp" code at checkout to forgo shipping. For all other domestic orders, we happily ship. Save 10% off your first order by signing up for our email list.

Malissa Nelson, Founder



In everything we do, Houndstooth will nurture and inspire health, joy, and connection between pets and the people that love them. Because we believe that we truly are better together.