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What Dog Bed is Best?

From Egyptian cotton sheets and memory foam to ambient noise machines - we humans have a lot of luxuries available to us to help us get a good night's sleep. Canine sleep is a different animal. The average dog should get somewhere around 10 hours of sleep per day, says Dr. Nicholas Dodman, professor emeritus at Tufts University. The more comfortable they are, both in their environment and physically, the easier it will be for your pup to get the rest he or she needs.

We're excited to help you determine what bed is right for your dog; we want them to be comfortable and well-rested so that you can enjoy life’s adventures together, happily! When it comes to selecting the right bed for your dog our pet-professional - you personal concierge - first look at what breed your dog is, and thus what size they are. Large breed dogs usually prefer to sleep on their sides - sprawling out as they drift off to dreamland. A rectangular bed would be your best bet for this sleeping behavior. Smaller breeds tend to curl up on their beds and they are better suited to square or round beds. And many dogs do both!  For those that need some extra security a bed with bolstered sides can be great for them to nestle into.

There are other factors to consider, too! What age is your dog? Logically, older dogs might need a little extra cushion. What type of floor will your bed be placed on? If it’s wood or tile and you live in an area that gets chilly at night, again, a senior dog might need something special to keep them comfortable.

That’s right, there are a lot of different types of dog beds...many more than you’ll find at your local big-box pet store. Here are some of our favorites.


Are you the type of dog owner that thinks bigger is better? If so, this bed is for you. Orthopedic foam beds are made with large breed dogs in mind. These beds are made of supportive CertiPur-US certified foam for pets who need a bit more joint support or those that may have a little more grey around the muzzle. So whether you have a one year old Great Dane or a 12 year old Corgi Ortho beds could be an option for you..


Snuggle much? For dogs that love to burrow behind cushions on the sofa, or disappear under the blankets on the bed, the Hugger makes and excellent choice. There’s a reason dogs instinctively like to nestle into tight spaces: enclosed areas help them feel safe from predators. 

Create your dog’s profile today and your concierge will work with you to learn about your home, lifestyle, and budget to make a recommendation that will have human and hound howling with delight!