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Our Favorite Pet-friendly Places to Visit This Fall

When we think of wellness, we tend to think of physical health, but emotional and social health is important too! It's part of the reason we love Fall. As the "dog days" of summer slowly move behind us, the crisp autumn breeze, beautiful foliage, and cooler weather welcome us to enjoy some quality outdoor time with your dog. Doing activities with your pet not only strengthens your bond but also provides physical and mental stimulation, which promotes overall good health. Whether you have a new puppy, are pet sitting or just want to provide new entertainment for your dog, there are plenty of activities you can do to keep that tail wagging.

To aid you in making memories (and treasured Instagram moments) with your best friend and most loyal companion, we created this list of our favorite pet-friendly places to visit this Fall.


The changing colors, falling leaves, and beautiful sunsets make for an amazing experience for both you and your dog. The cool autumn weather will refresh both of you and get you ready for a warm blanket later in the evening.

Our Top Pick: Ruffner Mountain, Birmingham, AL

Fall Camping

Whether or not you're a "camper" per se, doesn't spending the night snuggled up with your pup in a tent under the stars sound pretty awesome right now? Fall is the perfect time to pack up your gear, book your campsite, and get ready to go on an adventure together!

Our Pick: South Cumberland State Park, Palmer, TN

Apple Picking

If you can’t bring along your pup, the fun doesn’t have to end once you get home! After you’re done baking pies and other goodies, try out some pet treat recipes with all those apples you picked.

Our Pick: B.J. Reece Orchards, Ellijay, GA

Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin patches are great for dogs to romp around in (if pet-friendly). Whether you intend on carving the pumpkin, having a photo shoot, or more, it is a great time with your best pet. Also, pumpkin is a safe and nutritious treat for your pet, provided they are not suffering from a chronic condition such as kidney disease or diabetes. And, fresh pumpkin is more nutritious than canned! 

Our Pick: Farmer in the Dell Pumpkin Patch, Auburn, AL